Inevitable Trend Moves - by Wendy Kirkland

Client Testimonials

The P3 Trades I find are about 95% winners

I used to be a big stock player. Then I came across Wendy’s book and realized that options are really the best way to go. In all my testing, my success factor with Wendy’s system is about 95%. With potential profits of 50%-100%. For example, recently I found trades potentially worth 71% on Chipotle Mexican Grill, 49% on Potash Corp, 32% on Amazon and 102% on Netflix. As for losers, I didn’t find a single one. My friends keep asking me to quit working and manage their money!


Actually Teaches You to be Self-Sufficient

I tried a bunch of different services where they tell you what to buy when. And, while I didn’t go broke, I didn’t really make any money either. Then I discovered Wendy’s P3 system and I started trading on my own, which is ever so much better. Wendy is the only one I know who actually teaches you how to be self-sufficient. Her manuals are well-written and very easy to follow. And the chatroom is invaluable. I think it’s wonderful and very unusual too, for an author like Wendy to offer traders so much help and support. And she makes it fun.

Thanks, Harley S.


A Fool-Proof Pattern

I’ve read that artists make very good traders because they can see patterns. And I suppose that may be true. Wendy’s a painter and she discovered a fool-proof pattern that eluded all the smartest guys on Wall Street, or wherever. But now that she’s pointed out the P3 squeeze pattern, it’s easy for anybody to see. So I don’t attribute my trading success to being artistic. More likely, my trading accounts are both growing because that’s what I expect. Ask, believe and receive . . . For me, it works!

All the best, Forrest

Stick to the Rules and You Can't Go Wrong

This is my livelihood now. I trade full time from home. And I’m happy to say, it pays the bills. And Wendy’s chat room makes it a lot of fun too. We all sit around, chit chat and watch the market together. Socializing with Wendy and all the other traders makes the time go really fast. I started out using Wendy’s P3 system on daily charts to trade monthly Calls-- which works great and I still trade monthly options. If you follow Wendy’s system and stick to the rules, you really can’t go wrong.

Sincerely Melvin C.