Inevitable Trend Moves - by Wendy Kirkland

Have you ever thought about your own success as inevitable?

I am known for patterns called the P3 Squeeze (P3 long and P3.5 short patterns.) I have been trading and teaching these patterns for more than 12 years. I evaluate and look for these patterns on a daily basis.

In the Inevitable Trend Moves book, I briefly explain these patterns and show you how to recognize them. They flow through a series of stages, but we will zero in on just one of those stages - the Sweet Spot. We are going to pass on the vacillating journey that brings traders to the Sweet Spot and wait for just the right moment to jump on the ride just as it starts, knowing the moves ahead are as inevitable as the curves of a roller coaster.

Part of this process is staying positive. Know and see the outcome as a reality well before it ever takes place. It is inevitable. Know the patterns are going to consistently flow through their stages and be ready to jump into the chair to enjoy the ride at the moment it is ready to move into action.

Wendy Kirkland
Author - Inevitable Trend Moves

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